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Native American Poetry Project December 14, 2008

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Poetry Project November 15, 2008

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I have loved teaching poetry in my class.  We have been creating a poetry unit on Native Americans of North Carolina which is what we are studying in Social Studies.  For language arts we are reading pourquoi tales.  I cannot believe how well everything is integrating.  The students are absolutely loving this project.  Students have been familiarized with haikus, acrostics, concrete poems, I Poems, and Color Poems.  I have lots of examples, read my poems, and read the awesome selection of books from the class.  They LOVED Technically It’s Not My Fault.  The students were able to pick which type of poem they wanted to complete.  Then they gathered into groups; I have been monitoring and revising with the different groups.  I am going to put their work together to make a Native American poetry book.  I told the students that I would copy their poems and everyone could make their own class poetry book.


To Dance November 10, 2008

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I loved this graphic novel.  I think it would be an excellent way to get non-motivated readers involved in reading.  Some students think books such as this one are not allowed into the classroom.  I think some teachers are reluctant to put graphic novels in their classroom because they think these are all the students will read.  I loved how emotional this book was.  It made me feel as though I was right there experiencing the feelings and emotions of the dancer.  I can see how little girls would see how their dreams can become reality through this book.


Family Pictures November 5, 2008

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I thought this was a excellent multicultural memoir.  I loved how the pictures flowed so perfectly with the words.  As I was reading I thought about how I might could use this book in my classroom.  I thought it might be great to use this book during Cinco de Mayo.  I always do some type of activity/activities around the first week of May.  I think this would be a great way to incoporate family customs.  Students could learn a lot from reading this book.  I also think this would be a great book for Hispanic children. By having Spanish text to go along with English text students who are Hispanic may feel more at ease about reading.  They could also help the class read some words/phrases in Spanish.  This always makes my Hispanic students feel good.


Shortcut November 4, 2008

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This was a very simple book that could teach a lesson to any child.  It is hard for me to imagine why anyone would want to walk along train tracks.  Not even a year ago my uncle (father’s brother) was killed by a train.  This story related to me in a much different way than it may relate to many other people.  All I could think of was for the children to get off the tracks.  Maybe this will be a good way to tell children why they should always listen to their parents when it comes to dangerous activities.


My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother November 3, 2008

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This was such a cute story.  As I was reading I thought back to my childhood.  I have a brother who is 14months older than me.  He would always call me names, just because he could, when we were little.  My mother said as soon as I came home from the hospital he was angry that he wasn’t the center of attention anymore.  As we got older our relationship changed (like the relationship changed in the story).  I love the brotherly/sisterly love.  It’s such a competition when you’re younger.  The oldest child almost always throws up that they are the oldest and therefore assumes that they are the best at everything.  Although, I think this might be a man thing. 😉  My fiance can’t stand to lose in anything.  I think the older brother really loved his sister; he was just being a guy.  I loved the part about the rhubarb when he told her he didn’t like it he loved it and then the grandma made her favorite rhubarb pie.  This is a cute book that I know will spark up a lot of conversation in my classroom.


Red Ribbon Week

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So as my students and I were putting up our door decorations for Red Ribbon Week I glanced to my neighbor’s door.  She was putting up tombstones with writing on them.  Each tombstone was created by a child.  They had make believe characters and reasons that they had “died.”  The reasons were all related to drugs.  I am not describing this door very well but I will take a picture of it and either post the picture (with her permission) or edit this description when I remember exactly what was on certain tombstones.  I thought this was sort of a multi genre aspect of Red Ribbon Week.  They learned how drugs can affect you and incorporated tombstones of fictional people who have “died” from doing drugs.   

Side note:  I take pictures of bulletin boards that I like or bulletin boards that I have created, print the pictures and put them in an index card box labeled Bulletin Boards.  I have different tabbed dividers for months/holidays.  The box sits on my desk.  This way I will remember how to recreate a past bulletin board or borrow and recreate one from another teacher.